HVAC Ed Privacy Policy

We understand that your privacy is important to you, and it is important to us as well. No information you give us will  be sold to any other party. Any information we collect will be used for only one purpose, to help you make a good decision whether a career in HVAC is the right choice for you. Should you choose to become an HVAC Certified technician, then we would be honored to assist you in finding the right educational institution.

If you choose to allow us to help you find the right HVAC school, then your information will be shared with one or more companies that will assist in the transmission of your information to the appropriate school or schools.

While we would never encourage anyone to attend HVAC school unless it was in the best interest of the prospective student, if you choose this as the best path for you, then when we provide your information to the school, or a company representing them, we may receive a small fee for sending them the information.

We would like to emphasize that although we may receive a small fee for passing on your information, we will never do this unless you explicitly request that we do so. We strongly encourage you before inuring any costs or debt associated with attending a heating, air conditioning, and ventilation school, that you fully evaluate the schools, as well as the costs, what will be required to pay off any debt, and what the realistic income levels will be with the certification.

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